Hey, my name is Zoe Sadauskis

Zoe V. Sadauskis (She/Her)

and when it comes to who I am I’m not sure where to even begin. How can a person be summed up in an “about” section on a website. But if I had to pick a place to start I guess there is no better place to start then here…

I am a student at Drake University studying Multimedia Journalism and Digital Media Production in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

I’m from a rather small town in southern Minnesota, Albert Lea, MN, at the cross of 35 and 90. You’ve probably driven past it but didn’t think twice about it. It’s not like there was absolutely nothing to do but we did have to get creative growing up to pass the time.

I’ve always been a very creative person, something I get from my mom. I was the kid who made clothes for her dolls, who forced her cousin to make silly videos with her, who was consistently littering the house in different arts and crafts projects. I have always loved making and creating, telling stories – all of it! When I was little I wanted to be an author and write books, I wanted to tell stories. Somewhere down the line I knew I was going to write for my high schools newspaper, and I did, I fell in love with it and even became the editor. Somewhere the love of writing shifted to a love of creating visual things, seeing things with a background music and how the audience would view a scene as if it were a movie.

That’s what led me to getting involved with Drake Broadcasting System in which I became a member of the Executive Board and currently serve as the News Director. I get to create videos and grow my skills, what’s not to love?

I have also found a home on campus with Drake Mock Trial, which as a journalism major with no plans of being a lawyer or even going to law school you might think it is a little bit silly.

You’d be right!

It is a little bit silly but I love it and have had unbelievable experiences and met some of the most amazing people! I also have been able to get very involve with the program and am on both the Alumni Committee as well as the Events Planning Committee. Mock trial was a big part of my life in high school but to be honest I think it would shock younger me if she knew I was still involved with mock trial.

I think that kind of sums things up, at least for now.