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  • Behind the Broadcast

    Drake Broadcasting System I am a very proud member of Drake Broadcasting System, but not a lot of people know what we do. We produce videos and live-to-tape style shows that then get uploaded on Drake Broadcasting System’s YouTube channel. We put in the work from start to finish and these live-to-tape productions are my…

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  • March Recap 03

    March, the month of spring break, always being busy and the consistently growing and never ending to-do list. Classes picked up steam… again Although I did not have much for midterms that did not mean that the mid point of my semester was slow, not by any means, classes really picked up when it came…

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  • February Recap 02

    The month of love, Mock Trial, and… getting on that work and school grind? Sure, why not? Mock Trial Weekend 2.3.23 – 2.5.23 My February started with what would be my last Mock Trial tournament of the season. It was our regional tournament so how we did here in Des Moines would be the determining…

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  • January Recap 01

    January, the month of resting, driving back and forth to Hy-Vee and a lot of Mock Trial. J-Term Most people spend January making resolutions, setting goals, oh and breaking goals. However, with the beginning of 2023, I spent a good amount of time relaxing and taking a much need break from my busy life at…

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