February Recap 02

The month of love, Mock Trial, and… getting on that work and school grind?

Sure, why not?

Mock Trial Weekend 2.3.23 – 2.5.23

My February started with what would be my last Mock Trial tournament of the season. It was our regional tournament so how we did here in Des Moines would be the determining factor on whether or not we would move on to ORCS in St. Paul in a few weeks.

We started the weekend out by facing two of the top teams in the Midwest. One of which was second in the country last year at nationals. We knew it would be tough and we knew going into it that we would be proud as long as we did our best and didn’t get totally slaughtered by the competition.

It was a tough first two rounds but we held are own and did the best we’ve done. The following two rounds were very successful for our team and we did very well. However, not quite well enough to recover from the previous rounds.

We were so proud and excited when the teams we were defeated by placed highly cause they deserved it as they were phenomenal teams! We ended the tournament proud to have been as successful as we were.

Although we were not moving forward in the competition we did manage to take away an award! We were awarded the Spirt of AMTA award, better known as SPAMTA. The only award voted on by the teams at the competition. This signified that we were the kindest team at the tournament and had the best sportsmanship!

So all though we wouldn’t get to compete again as a team, the memories made and the friendships gained is still a win in my book!

And yes, I am aware of how cheesy that sounds.

most of the month

After an eventful first week of Feburary I was definitly in need of slowing things down. but as soon as i got my hopes up for a slow few weeks, school really started to pick up.

Next thing I knew I was having Natalie drive me up to the capitol to interview Legislatures for my advanced reporting class and staying in the Science Connector Building for long periods of time while coding, writing critical analyses of horror movies and reworking my resume in hopes of finding a summer internship, all while Nora was studying her birds.

I spent a lot of time with Nora and August this month, hanging out at Danny’s house, going to see my roommate Emily’s musical performance, and yes, lots of studying and working on things for class.

Dance Marathon 2.24.23

August, Nora and I even participated in the Drake University Dance Marathon to fund raise for the Children’s Miracle Network. We spent all day spending time with some cool kiddos that have really been through it.

At one point in the day they were doing hair donations and people were chopping of 6-8 inches of hair to donate. And in a spur of the moment decision I decided to get in on the fun and cut my hair to donate as well. And now here I am with 8 less inches of hair.

other February activities

The rest of the month was filled with prepping for our first DBS live show of the semester, going to basketball games and spending as much time as possible with my friends.

and that pretty much sums up my February!

in pictures

August, Myself and Nora waiting for Emily’s performance of The Last Five Years to begin