March Recap 03

March, the month of spring break, always being busy and the consistently growing and never ending to-do list.

Classes picked up steam… again

Although I did not have much for midterms that did not mean that the mid point of my semester was slow, not by any means, classes really picked up when it came to workload. And thus my never ending to-do list really took shape.

< Danny and me working on homework while Nora studies her birds.

Not only do I have a planner to keep my life organized but also my weekly (and color coded) to-do list. Not to mention my daily to-do list. If it wasn’t for this 3 step method of organizing my life, I would be in complete shambles. I really perfected this 3 step organization system in the month of March and I simply would not of made it through as well as I did without it.

From consistently being in “interview scheduling” mode for Advanced Reporting, to writing and typing away at my blog posts and staying up till 2am to make sure the home page of my website looks pretty, to scheduling more interviews, and recording my radio show and podcast episodes for Digital Audio Production, it has been a jammed packed and academic weapon era of a month.

Spring break 23

Over Spring break I spent most of my time with my cousin, my brother, and my mom.

The dream team of the Sadauskis family name.

< Me & my mom on our way to target

I got lunch a few times with my cousin before she left on her families spring break trip. I visited my brother at his school in Minnesota. [ His campus’s Starbucks has a lot more seating options than Drake’s 🙁 ] And my mom, we went on numerous Target trips, and ended most nights watching house hunters with her and my dad.

March Madness!!

Oh my god! How could I have forgotten basketball. Forcing my parents to turn on the Drake Game and causing them to miss watching the devastating loss for Purdue… whoops, my bad.

But it was totally worth it to prove to my parents I know things about sports. Constantly talking about what felt like inside jokes with me and literally anyone who knows anything about Drake basketball.

Safe to say there were two very devastating nights in the Sadauskis household back in Minnesota.

Life things

Spring break had both its ups and downs.

Ups of not having classes and being able to sleep in, downs of still having so much stuff to work on.

Ups of spending time with my family and parents, downs of being away from my favorite people and my best friends.

Nora, myself, and August on our way back to Drake at the end of spring break.

And after spring break… well life was kind of all over the place, with unexpected twists and turns, and adventure, that’s for sure.

Video production – aka my whole heart, or at least a good part of it.

Dog Town After Hours

I had the amazing opportunity to film at Dog Town After Hours on Friday 3.24. It was great, free food, filming fun activities, seeing all my friends, and of course being serenaded by the Brochal Chords as I filmed the live performances.

What’s not to love?

It definitely was a long night but so much fun.

Danny, Myself, Hannah, Natalie and Nora in a photo taken in the photo booth at Dog Town After Hours. >>


Me eating free snacks just before filming a live performance. >>

Sadly, I did not win the Dyson Air Wrap in the raffle but it was totally worth it. Now I just have to find a time to edit together a montage-y promo video.

DBS live show – “talented girls doing talented things”

Towards the end of the month we really started prepping for our Drake Broadcasting System live show.

Action Shot

Zoe and Erica Hosting

DBS Merch!!

New Logo = New Sweatshirt

Somehow everyone agreed to let me be in front of the camera, and I really can’t tell you why they allowed that to happen, but hey, it was women’s history month, so they really threw all their favorite female exec members in front of the camera.

And I guess just… hoped for the best.

I hosted with 3 others in a very chaotic and hilarious, if I say so myself, manner.

Natalie, Myself, Nicole, and Erica taking post-live show photos on The Dog Dish set.

Not to mention the two hour long facetime call to write the script. Which ended up causing all of the people not in front of the camera to be consistently laughing… I guess we are pretty funny. However, if you watched the show and disagree, please don’t tell me,.


Until next time…

March was pretty great. I got to spend lots of time with the people I care about most and doing the things I love, so all though there was plenty of chaos and stress, it was totally worth it!

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